Jackie Magazine

Jackie2Like Just-17, Jackie Magazine was the subject of a famous study by the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies graduate Angela McRobbie.  McRobbie explored the way young women were portrayed in such magazines, and the way in which their lives were represented always in relation to men. Have things changed in women’s magazines today?


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    jackie May 14, 2016

    Hi there,

    We would be grateful if you could remove the Jackie magazine photo showing on this website and it has been copied straight from our website crazyaboutmagazines.com
    (I can clearly identify this has been taken our from website, as this original magazine was marked with our address in the top right corner of the photo.)

    Kindest Regards.

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      Chloe Lund May 17, 2016


      Thanks for getting in touch. I understand your concern and agree that the image seems to have been taken from your website. Would you be happy for us to continue using it if we credit crazyaboutmagazines.com ?

      This blog relates to a historic research project at the University of Birmingham and highlights Jackie as an object of cultural significance- the project is no longer active but the blog is still a useful resource.

      Many thanks,

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