HorsemanVivid Projects, 158 Fazely Street, Birmingham, B5 5RS

Vivid Projects presents a snapshot into four decades of alternative Birmingham culture. The month-long season of exhibition, provocations and events investigates the impact of University of Birmingham’s Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS).

Looking Out From The CCCS makes connections between 70s Birmingham culture and the present day, by way of alternative publications and community action print, film workshops and style magazines, and contemporary artists working with social media and data.

A series of weekly events will critically engage with the exhibition and explore the key themes in a contemporary context. Artists, writers, social networkers, cultural provocateurs, new young feminists, archivists and more will be unpicking the astonishing cultural legacy of the CCCS.

The exhibition launches Friday 06 June, 6-10pm with a SUPERSTYLING! party for Digbeth First Friday.  You can access the full schedule of events here.

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