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Jackie Magazine

Jackie2Like Just-17, Jackie Magazine was the subject of a famous study by the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies graduate Angela McRobbie.  McRobbie explored the way young women were portrayed in such magazines, and the way in which their lives were represented always in relation to men. Have things changed in women’s magazines today?


This is an issue of the once-popular girls’ magazine, Just-Seventeen.  In the archive of CCCS material that has been set up at the Cadbury Research Library there are piles of Just-Seventeens.  Students at the CCCS Untitled1saw such magazines bothculturally and politically important.  Figures like Angela McRobbie and Trevor Millum analysed them and showed how they often presented young women in negative ways.  This will be one of the themes that will be explored in an exhibition on CCCS at the Midland Arts Centre in May 2014.