Artists in Residence

In December 2013 two artists-in-residence were appointed to work with the CCCS archive and produce various interventions, including for the CCCS exhibition that opens in May.  Here they provide an overview of their background and practice.

louie+jesse are a multidisciplinary artist duo from the UK. Trained in Music Composition and Theatre Design respectively, we have been collaborating for the last four years on diverse installations, interventions and other audiovisual projects, including artist residencies in Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and the UK, and commissions for festivals in Durham and Venice.

Our work is politically engaged and responds closely to place, history and community, developing gradually through experimental interaction with our context and each other’s practice. We are interested in social structures and the dynamics of participation and collaboration. We like to question common sense and normativity, so that our playful pieces, while thoroughly researched, are sometimes experienced as abstract or absurd. We aim to smuggle an affecting and disarming experience in among the cracks of the everyday.

You can find out more about what louie+jesse’s work with the CCCS archive here.

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